Burying the Dead

7.30pm Friday, 3 August 2018

St George's Church, Kendal

£18 Unreserved Seating

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DURATION 90’ plus interval

“Absolutely fantastic in every way: a perfect setting with the church space being used to good effect... I feel privileged to have been at such a world-class performance... Stunning performance – great marriage of music, drama, sound and light. Terrific, original programming. More like this please!... Words are completely inadequate to describe this superb presentation... A highlight of my musical year.”
Audience members 2016

From the same writer as 2016's Breaking the Rules, Clare Norburn, comes this new play with music. Burying the Dead is an imagined testimony by Purcell, as he lies in a fever towards the end of his life. As the fever takes hold, his memories become entangled and confused – he looks back on his life, centring in on key moments of triumph and crisis. He fixates on a moment when, at the impressionable age of 8, he experienced the Great Fire of London – a memory which haunts him. In this fever, he conjures up the singers and instrumentalists of Ceruleo, and the music they play takes him to key episodes in his life.