Silk and Bamboo Ensemble

Silk and Bamboo Ensemble

5.00pm Monday, 8 August 2016

Blackwell Arts & Crafts House, near Bowness

Price: £16 Unreserved Seating

We've had 2 last-minute ticket returns for this concert! Contact the box office now on 01539 742621 if you would like to claim these last two seats.

Silk (si) and Bamboo (zhu) are the two of the eight ancient categories of Chinese musical instruments, classified according to what they were made of: silk for strings and bamboo for flutes, hence string and wind music. The Silk and Bamboo (sizhu) Ensemble, a renowned Chinese music group based in the UK, features four leading performers on erhu and gaohu fiddles, pipa lute, guqin and guzheng zithers and dizi and hulusi flutes. The ensemble plays both traditional regional, and contemporary music inspired by the past.

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